River SUP


Looking for a new challenge?

Paddling up, down, and around lakes is one thing. Experiencing the flow of a river beneath your board is a whole new story.

We´ll guide you down the river safely, teaching you the dangers, and the skills you need to avoid them along the way.


For first timers a gentle trip down a section of the river Isar in southern Germany. The shallow, clear, warmer water of the Isar are perfect for your first steps on moving water. The rocks are clearly visible and easy to avoid. Stopping and starting is also simple in the generally slow moving current. It´s gorgeous too!


How about a river with a view? View the city of Innsbruck from a new perspective. A tour for experienced moving water paddlers due to the faster flowing water of the Inn river. A beautiful trip that´s easy to master.

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Whitewater SUP – Big waves, fast water. Run the rivers that are better known for rafting and kayaking, with us as your guides. Only for experienced river paddlers who don´t mind lots of whitewater swimming. It is possible to stay on the SUP board all the way, but it´s very rare.


All whitewater protective equipment and SUP gear is provided.

What to bring:

Swim wear, warm dry clothes, towel, sun cream, water to drink.